Being one of the fastest-growing sectors and therefore highly competitive,  companies’ and departments’ internationalisation and/or relocation are constant due to the variation in the consumption habits brought about by the continuous and unrelenting development of the products and services and the appearance of highly successful communication models.

Such unpredictable nature governing the sector’s development and being inherent to it entails constantly facing a wide range of plausible scenarios determined by the way in which these companies respond to the market’s growth and a dominant model of competitiveness or integration between actors.
For a communications service provider to achieve success, each case requires a unique strategy and role.

In Impronta Consulting we have experience assisting not only Mobile Network Operators, Telecommunications Operators, Internet Companies, .com, but also hardware and software manufactures and distributors, integrators, etc.

We provide wide and solid knowledge of the sector, which ensures a successful implementation of our Search, Assessment and Development projects guaranteeing that our clients count always on the best professionals with ability for leadership and management through adaptability to change, flexibility and anticipation in such a demanding, competitive and dynamic environment.