A Team with Experience and Values

With more than 20 years of experience in providing solutions regarding Executive Search, Assessment and Talent Development, our Impronta Consulting Team relies on values and training as well as on a solid determination to exceed expectations.

Devoting our time to listening to our clients, we do our best to understand and comprehend each particular situation.

Our Team is formed exclusively by Senior Consultants possessing more than ten years of experience in management or human resources consulting positions.

Throughout our career we have proved to be an agile, efficient and effective Team, having achieved the goals set with each client within the established deadlines.

Our training, constant updating and our solid and reliable networking not only allows us to successfully implement the projects entrusted by our clients both at national and international levels but also constitutes a great basis for knowledge and resources in order to assess them in the most adequate way.

From Impronta Consulting we encourage a unique style of relationship with clients based on long-term reliance, compromise, confidentiality, proximity and dedication to accompany them in the development of their business.

We possess a deep knowledge not only of the sectors in which we operate but also of the specific roles inherent to Top Management, Middle Management and Qualified Professionals positions, which allows us to successfully deal with Executive Search, Assessment and Development projects.