The Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Sector is currently one of the most dynamic and variable sectors due to the severe cutback in public expenditure, the reference prices reduction, the emergent markets’ (Latin America, Middle East and Asia) entering the scene with an increasing demand for pharmaceutical products, the stronger compliance pressure, the different sector agents’ new needs, the new role played by generic drugs and the increase in Research, Development and Innovation costs.

In Impronta Consulting we have grown and walked together with numerous clients through these changes, reason why we possess an exhaustive knowledge of the scenario in every moment. We have worked together with national as well as international clients and with multinational as well as local companies in the Search, recruitment and incorporation of the best professionals not only for sales networks but also for departments and central units (medical, institutional relationships, market access, etc.)

We provide solutions for Laboratories, Biotechnology Companies, Start-ups, Hospitals, Perishable Goods Manufacturers, Medical Devices, Diagnostic Equipment, Dermo-cosmetics, etc.

Moreover, we have experience in Assessing professionals (sales networks, central services teams, factories, etc.) who will take part in the decision-making processes, as well as in Developing those competences (knowledge, abilities and attitudes) which will help them to face such a changing and challenging scenario with self-confidence and the highest success probability.