On a time when companies are redefining their politics as well as restructuring their costs and strategies, the Professional Services sector needs an ever growing versatility and flexibility. The entering the scene of new competitors and mergers, together with internationalisation, internal strategy changes and current struggle for pricing have turned this sector into a highly competitive one.

Every sector’s entity needs to count on professionals ready to provide an added value to their clients, with high professional ethics, capable of being self-reliant and adequately coping with the pressure from clients demanding solutions. Likewise, they must be disciplined, rigorous and have experience working as part of a team not only in the company, but also at ‟the client’s home”.

In Impronta Consulting we are experts in the Search, Assessment and Development of professionals who make it possible to compete with effectiveness, power and solvency in the short and long term in an ever more demanding environment. We constantly keep in touch with professionals from the sector, which enables us to possess up-to-date knowledge of it and therefore to provide the best solutions for every situation adjusting our work methodology to the fullest.

Our top management team has experience working with clients coming from Auditing and Consulting Firms, Law Firms, Strategic Consulting Firms and Mergers and Acquisitions at all levels (Members, Managers, Directors, Specialists…) and in all subsectors of Professional Services, either in great multinational companies or in little specialised boutiques.