We have worked together with companies from the Iron and Steel Industry, Automotive Industry, EPC’s, Machine-tool Industry, Steel Mills, Electrical Industry, Capital Goods Industry, Aircraft Industry and Aerospace Industry, among others.

The company’s internationalisation, together with the introduction of new international agents at a local level, the lack of geographical barriers, the price fluctuations of raw materials, relocations in emerging markets, the necessary  inversion increment in research for differentiation and the environmental regulations have drawn a new, more demanding as well as more competitive scenario where anticipation is needed.

From Impronta Consulting we have assisted clients from the industrial sector in enhancing their results, not only by searching, recruiting and incorporating professionals for the decision-making but also by developing said professionals, guaranteeing the best preparation to successfully accomplish both the sector’s and each client’s challenges in an ever more competitive environment.

We have also contributed to the Search of professionals to lead opening, establishment or development of new markets (Europe, Latin America, USA, Canada, Middle East and Asia).

When it comes to Factories, our experience covers Top Management and Middle Management (Plant Managers, Production Managers, Logistics Managers, Shift Supervisors) as well as Central Services (Steering Committee, Unit Managers and Area Technicians).

We have collaborated with Banks, Savings Banks, Credit Unions, Insurance Companies, Electronic Money Institutions, Investment Banks, Compliance and Prevention of Money Laundering Units, etc.

Nowadays it constitutes the sector undergoing the most changes and bearing a greater pressure regarding regulation and monitoring from all management levels.

Mergers, purchases, Start-ups or internationalisation are a few examples of situations in which we intervene from Impronta Consulting by assisting our clients in the Search, recruitment and incorporation of the best professionals for each specific situation.
We manage to identify, contact and attract professionals who can guarantee the leadership of a project, department, area or business providing our clients with results.

Likewise we assess and/or develop professionals regarding competences (knowledge, abilities and attitudes) as well as guaranteeing compliance with any requirement or legal imperative at national or international level.

Our experience covers Boards of Directors, Members and Top and Middle Management, as well as professionals and qualified technicians.

The Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Sector is currently one of the most dynamic and variable sectors due to the severe cutback in public expenditure, the reference prices reduction, the emergent markets’ (Latin America, Middle East and Asia) entering the scene with an increasing demand for pharmaceutical products, the stronger compliance pressure, the different sector agents’ new needs, the new role played by generic drugs and the increase in Research, Development and Innovation costs.

In Impronta Consulting we have grown and walked together with numerous clients through these changes, reason why we possess an exhaustive knowledge of the scenario in every moment. We have worked together with national as well as international clients and with multinational as well as local companies in the Search, recruitment and incorporation of the best professionals not only for sales networks but also for departments and central units (medical, institutional relationships, market access, etc.)

We provide solutions for Laboratories, Biotechnology Companies, Start-ups, Hospitals, Perishable Goods Manufacturers, Medical Devices, Diagnostic Equipment, Dermo-cosmetics, etc.

Moreover, we have experience in Assessing professionals (sales networks, central services teams, factories, etc.) who will take part in the decision-making processes, as well as in Developing those competences (knowledge, abilities and attitudes) which will help them to face such a changing and challenging scenario with self-confidence and the highest success probability.

Being one of the fastest-growing sectors and therefore highly competitive,  companies’ and departments’ internationalisation and/or relocation are constant due to the variation in the consumption habits brought about by the continuous and unrelenting development of the products and services and the appearance of highly successful communication models.

Such unpredictable nature governing the sector’s development and being inherent to it entails constantly facing a wide range of plausible scenarios determined by the way in which these companies respond to the market’s growth and a dominant model of competitiveness or integration between actors.
For a communications service provider to achieve success, each case requires a unique strategy and role.

In Impronta Consulting we have experience assisting not only Mobile Network Operators, Telecommunications Operators, Internet Companies, .com, but also hardware and software manufactures and distributors, integrators, etc.

We provide wide and solid knowledge of the sector, which ensures a successful implementation of our Search, Assessment and Development projects guaranteeing that our clients count always on the best professionals with ability for leadership and management through adaptability to change, flexibility and anticipation in such a demanding, competitive and dynamic environment.

On a time when companies are redefining their politics as well as restructuring their costs and strategies, the Professional Services sector needs an ever growing versatility and flexibility. The entering the scene of new competitors and mergers, together with internationalisation, internal strategy changes and current struggle for pricing have turned this sector into a highly competitive one.

Every sector’s entity needs to count on professionals ready to provide an added value to their clients, with high professional ethics, capable of being self-reliant and adequately coping with the pressure from clients demanding solutions. Likewise, they must be disciplined, rigorous and have experience working as part of a team not only in the company, but also at ‟the client’s home”.

In Impronta Consulting we are experts in the Search, Assessment and Development of professionals who make it possible to compete with effectiveness, power and solvency in the short and long term in an ever more demanding environment. We constantly keep in touch with professionals from the sector, which enables us to possess up-to-date knowledge of it and therefore to provide the best solutions for every situation adjusting our work methodology to the fullest.

Our top management team has experience working with clients coming from Auditing and Consulting Firms, Law Firms, Strategic Consulting Firms and Mergers and Acquisitions at all levels (Members, Managers, Directors, Specialists…) and in all subsectors of Professional Services, either in great multinational companies or in little specialised boutiques.

Family Business is one of those sectors which undergo changes every time a decision is made, namely the profesionalization of the management structure or the change from one generation to another. Furthermore, such changes are often accompanied by business changes or even consist in operating in a sector which forces the company to permanently change.

The Family Protocol remains one of the major challenges among family businesses. Over the last few years family businesses have increased and strengthened not only when it comes to export, but also to internationalisation in search of new markets to help compensate the business decline for the national client.

Our Impronta Consulting Team possesses solid experience in cooperating with family businesses and business families. We are aware of their strengths and weaknesses, their competitive advantages and the dangers or risks specific to their status.

We have assisted numerous family businesses in the Search, recruitment and incorporation of the best professionals for each specific situation in order to guarantee success in the business development as well as in its succession, working with or without the existence of a family protocol.

Moreover, we have cooperated in the Search of professionals to lead the opening and development of new markets (Europe, Latin America, Canada, Middle East and Asia). Likewise, we have assisted in the Assessment and Development of necessary competences (knowledge, abilities and attitudes) both at management and technical levels, guaranteeing our clients the best team in order to be as competitive as possible in an ever demanding and aggressive market.